Trans fat: Can it effect your memory?

You get up out of bed to go to school, you eat a breakfast of bacon and muffins, you then are about to walk out the door but realize you don't have your hat. You look in your room for it but its nowhere to be found, you try and retrace your steps but seem to not be able to remember where it is. This effect of memory loss is possibly linked to the unhealthy breakfast you had this morning.

Studies from The American Heart Association (AHA) show that people that eat more food with trans fat have a harder time remembering everyday things. The way that AHA figured this out was that they got together the diets of 1,000 different middle-aged working men. All of the participants were shown 104 cards with words on them, and they had to say if the card had been repeated or never said. After examing their blood, it turned out that the participants that had higher levels of trans fat in their systems remembered fewer words than those with less.

The exact numbers on the studies were very shocking as well: for every gram of trans fat eaten a day, the participant remembered .76 fewer words, and the men who ate the most trans fat remembered about 10% less words compared to those who at the least! Can you imagine that? Simply eating more junk food than the average human can make you remember WAY less than a person who eats much less.

This study was a huge shocker to me and hopefully everyone reading this or the article because the average American consumes about 5.6 grams of trans fat everyday. If the studies are correct than that means the average American remembers 4.256 less than somebody who eats minimal trans fat, and thats everyday that Americans eat that much. I desperatly hope this post will effect your thought on junk food as it has for me. Goodbye and good riddance trans fat!